BackupBuddy 8.1.1


You can download the product after purchase by a direct link on this page. You buy the original files from the developers with 3 month possibility of free updates.


BackupBuddy is the most complete WordPress solution for Backup, Restoration, Migration, and Deployment. Backs up a customizable selection of data files, configurations, and content for a complete snapshot of your site. Restore, migrate, or deploy your site to a fresh web host or new site with complete ease-of-mind. Stash Live feature permits real-time live backups in to the cloud.

Why BackupBuddy is Important?

WordPress sites can be a simple target for episodes because of plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords and obsolete software. There is certainly nothing at all more devastating than having all the blog content, representing hours or times of work, vanish from a WordPress blog website.

To be able to prevent this heartache, and for most other reasons, it is advisable to back-up all WordPress sites and sites. There are always a million various things that can fail with a WordPress site. Maybe it’s hacked. A worker could make a big change that leads to important info being deleted, infections and spy ware could accidentally be downloaded, or an upgrade could go tragically incorrect. By getting the site supported, it’s possible for the business enterprise or person keeping the website to feel assured in the data that any problems can be handled quickly and effectively, making certain the harm is minimized (best with iThemes Security)

Move or Migrate WordPress with BackupBuddy

  • Save hours of work
  • Change Hosts or Servers (tutorial)
  • Change Your Domain / URL
  • Clone WordPress
  • WordPress Staging & Deployment