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In the world of premium WordPress themes, BeTheme is living proof that bigger can be better...

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BeTheme is a great solution for WordPress developers or small agencies. Using one of the 290+ pre-made layouts, you can easily transform a blank installation of WordPress into a great-looking site.

I would recommend BeTheme to users that aren’t tech or haven’t got the time to design their sites. The comfortable one-click installation process will transform your site, and make it look like a completely custom-made site.

Muffin created websites for:

  • electric
  • veterinarian
  • loan agency
  • charity agency
  • sitter
  • moving company
  • barber
  • health magazine
  • book writer
  • plumber
  • art agency
  • interior-design company
  • webmaster
  • application
  • seo agency
  • university
  • event company
  • developer
  • car rental
  • band
  • gym
  • designer
  • marketing agency
  • hosting company
  • travel agency
  • real estate company
  • photographer
  • renovator
  • hotel
  • lawyer

and much more…

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